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Intelli-M Access Software: Browser-based Access Control Management

Intelli-M Access® is a browser-based access control management application, which enables you to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations. Discover how Intelli-M Access delivers the ultimate in simplicity, scalability, and security:

Leverage the Highly Scalable Architecture

Intelli-M Access uses a highly scalable architecture to deliver access control for installations of any size. From simple single-door implementations, to complex installations with hundreds of doors and thousands of cardholders in a single facility or with multiple locations across town or the world, Intelli-M Access has a solution.

Access via Standard Web Browser, iOS and Android

Intelli-M Access is available via any standard web browser-and eliminates the need to install and maintain a client software application. Manage Intelli-M Access from anywhere you can run a standard internet browser that supports JavaScript. Intelli-M can also be accessed via most smartphones and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

View Events and Generate Reports

View events and alarms, generate reports, and monitor the status of devices using the simple yet powerful user interface.

Configure Doors with Ease

Configuring doors is simple. Intelli-M provides pre-installed templates and wiring diagrams to simplify the process, helping to get an installation up and running in minutes.

Find Cardholders Fast

The People tab makes finding cardholders and users easy -regardless of the size of your system. Intelli-M features visual formatting and selectable inputs that allow you to search based on single or multiple data fields, across single or multiple locations, instantaneously.

Design and Print Badges

Design badges and customize reports using Microsoft's Report Builder (a free design tool). You can print badges for single individual from the People tab page, or in bulk from the reports page.

Lock and Unlock Doors Remotely

Use advanced features such as "Lock All Doors" and "Momentary Unlock" to safely and easily manage a site. All functions can be performed remotely over your mobile device or laptop, for complete convenience and flexibility.

Create Schedules and Holiday Sets

Create Schedules and Holiday Sets quickly and easily with an intuitive click-and-drag interface. Simply associate events with devices and your system knows exactly when to unlock a door-and when the entrance should remain secure.

Grant Access and Control User Permissions

Multiple security roles allow you to provide system access to as many users as you'd like, while controlling specific permissions at the individual or group level.

See Images of Cardholders in Specific Zones

Live Muster displays the image of cardholders in zones configured for Muster monitoring.

Rules Engine to Build and Customize Features

Build and customize features your way using the highly extensible Rules Engine. This powerful system component provides the ability to use basic capabilities such as "Lock Zone" or "Record Video" to build highly tailored access control features.

Program Events to Trigger Actions

Program events to trigger internal actions such as "Lock Zone" or send e-mail, or to communicate with external systems-such as initiating recording on a remote DVR.

Integrate Your Access Control Solution with External Devices

Use Intelli-M Access' open API to integrate your access control solution with additional external devices, sources of data, and system applications. The possibilities are virtually endless.

3 Levels of Software to Meet Your Specific Needs

Intelli-M Access Essentials — This is the base software that offers all of the features and capabilities mentioned above. It is the basic foundation for most access control applications and is suitable for most end users.

Intelli-M Access Professional — Delivers all of the basic features and capabilities of Intelli-M Access Essentials, but also offers LDAP support for Active Directory integration-as well as convenient calendar integration with MS Exchange and Outlook or Google Calendar, which is ideal for schools, hospitals, and municipal facilities.

Intelli-M Access Corporate — Offers all of the basic features and capabilities of both Intelli-M Access Essentials and Intelli-M Access Professional, but provides additional multi-tier support, specifically designed for efficient management of multi-facility, multi-location installations.

Installing Intelli-M Access

Intelli-M Access is available as a software only solution, or pre-installed and pre-configured on infinias' purpose-built servers.

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