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The Benefits of infinias IP-based Access Control

There's a reason why infinias is a trusted leader for IP-based access control solutions . Our door access controllers leverage the network, are easy to install, and provide a cost-effective building security solution that's easy to manage and grows with your needs.

Why Choose infinias?

The advantages of an infinias IP-based access control solution are many, and measurable. For example, Intelli-M Access supports standard server hardware, operating systems and network infrastructure. By moving the Ethernet Integrated Door Controller to the door, the need for a traditional central access panel is eliminated-lowering both equipment and installation costs .

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Installation at the Door

Traditional panel-based access control solutions support a limited number of doors per panel, and incur high cabling costs to support data and power transmission to door controllers and accessories. infinias' highly scalable, PoE door controller powers your door accessories, dramatically reducing cabling cost and complexity.

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Core Decisions at the Edge

infinias Intelli-M Access management software can be run across the hall, across the street, throughout or across the world. With no dedicated server hardware, this virtual environment enhances reliability, increases scalability, and simplifies management.

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