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The infinias Advantage: Core Decisions at the Edge

Intelli-M Access can be run across the hall, across the street - or across the world. With no dedicated server hardware, this virtual environment enhances reliability, increases scalability, and simplifies management.

Intelli-M Access stores all credentials and access control rules at the eIDC32 controller - up to 64,000 credentials at each door - eliminating the dependency of performing basic access control functions on an always-on network or server. Each eIDC32 controller stores up to 16,000 events in its database, in case of a network or server outage, and transfers these old events to the server once network connectivity has resumed, Additionally, PoE enable centralized power management for all eIDC32 controller devices, minimizing downtime, installation and maintenance costs.
To enhance your overall access control experience , infinias offers dedicated servers, pre-installed and pre-configured with Intelli-M Access, enabling centralized management of all access control resources. Additionally, Intelli-M Access Professional provides enhanced functionality with key features such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration for Active Directory synchronization and calendar integration to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange or Google Calendar.

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