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Customize the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Simply select your software + server solution, door controllers, and accessories - and you're ready to get started! it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Select your software and server solution


Select the appropriate software version:

  • S-BASE-KIT - Intelli-M Access Essentials
  • S-PRO-ADD - Intelli-M Access Professional
  • S-CORP-ADD - Intelli-M Access Corporate

All software includes unlitited door licenses

Intelli-M Access can support large, distributed installations - exceeding 1,000 doors. For help determining the hardware requirements for your project, please contact a trained infinias sales consultant.

Choose software only, or one of our purpose-built servers:
  • S-SVR32-IMS-A - certified to 32 doors
  • S-SVR128-IMS-A - certified to 128 doors

*All options include a sampling of credentials and a security hex wrench. Servers include both operating system and Intelli-M Access software, pre-installed, pre-configured and fully licensed.

Add a door kit for each door

All kits come with an elDC32, plaster ring, cover plate, access control card reader, and surface mounting box. Our "-ST" kit also includes door contacts and a ROFU electric strike - to complete your door hardware requirements.

Part Number elDC32 Enclosure Reader Strike Door Sensor
S-EIDC32 Y        
S-DOOR-KIT-WH recommended for when you are upgrading from a previous AC solution HID    
S-DOOR-KIT-ST full kit for greenfield installation HID

Complete the Solution

Why worry about compatibility issues when you can source everything you need from a single provider?

infinias offers a broad selection of cards, FOBs, printers and readers - carefully selected to seamlessly with Intelli-M Access solutions.

Call your sales consultant for help in selecting the perfect components for your application.

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