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The infinias IP-based Access Control Solution

Every element of the infinias Intelli-M access control solution - from door controller, to software, to server - is engineered to deliver unparalleled simplicity, scalability, and security.

eIDC32 Single Door Controller: Small, Powerful, Scalable

The compact yet powerful edge-based single door controller installs inside a double gang box, mounts at the door and connects to the closest network switch with a single CAT 5/6 cable. The PoE-powered eIDC32 uses existing network infrastructure for delivery of both data and power for the controller and peripheral door hardware.

Add one or more doors as your needs grow. Simply add an eIDC32 door controller and connect a CAT 5/6 cable to the nearest network switch. Combine the controller with the Intelli-M® Access management software to create a highly scalable solution that can be deployed within one building, or across multiple locations around the world.

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Intelli-M Access Software: A Customized Experience,
Unlimited Licensing

Intelli-M Access is a scalable and easy-to-use web-based access control management application, eliminating the need to install software and manage updates.

Available in Essentials, Professional and Corporate packages, these feature-rich solutions are perfect for virtually any access control application - from a single-door to a multi-door, multi-building, multi-site installation. Intelli-M also features unlimited door licensing, providing the ultimate in scalability and management efficiency, while minimizing total cost of ownership.

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Pre-Installed Servers: Optimized Performance, Out of the Box

Intelli-M Access is available as a software only solution, or pre-installed and pre-configured on infinias' purpose-built servers. Server options include a desktop/wall mount 32 door server and a rack mount 128 door server. For optimal performance of Intelli-M Access software-only solutions, we recommend: Windows 7 Professional or higher and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Because many rules within the rules engine run at the server, we highly recommend a dedicated server with appropriate backup power for installations leveraging advance features.

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Customize the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Simply select your software + server solution, door controllers, and accessories - and you're ready to get started ! It's as easy as 1-2-3. Select the appropriate software version - choose software only, or one of our purpose-built servers. Add a door kit for each door - all kits come with an eIDC32 , plaster ring, cover plate, access control card reader, and surface mounting box. Complete the solution - why worry about compatibility issues when you can source everything you need from a single provider?

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