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IP Access Control Solutions for Financial Services

The leaders of financial services organizations face many challenges when it comes to securing their facilities-from keeping financial records and critical network infrastructure secure, to managing multiple locations and hundreds of staff members. At the same time, financial services institutions feel the pressure of meeting financial goals, staying within a strict budget, managing growth and evolving to address ever-changing needs.

IP-based Access Control Provides a Solution

IP-based access control provides a reliable, scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective access control solution for financial institutions of every size.

Control and Restrict Access

Manage who is allowed and restricted to enter various areas of your facility, during the day and after-hours - from parking structures, administrative offices and record rooms, to server rooms and vaults.

Protect Staff and Customers

Protect staff and customers with real-time alerts and remote facility lockdown capabilities during an emergency or unwanted event.

Manage Staff Turnover

Manage permissions and credentials for staff centrally, and remotely. Any change in staff status can be easily and immediately entered into the system from anywhere there is an internet connection, including a smartphone, simplifying administrative management.

Secure IT Infrastructure and Financial Records

Keep valuable IT infrastructure and financial records secure by managing access rights and preventing unauthorized access to network infrastructure and financial record rooms.

Manage Multiple Doors and Locations

Manage multiple doors, at single and multiple locations, with convenient centralized management.

Simplify Administration

Simplify the management of credentials and cardholders for multiple doors, at multiple locations, with remote, centralized administration.

Expand Your System as Your Business Grows

Grow your access control system one door or reader at a time. Or expand your system to include hundreds of doors across multiple buildings locations-locally or around the world.

The infinias Advantage

infinias IP-based access control solutions provide a cost-effective, reliable and scalable management solution for financial services facilities of all sizes- from a single facility to multi-facility campuses in multiple locations. By leveraging your existing IP network infrastructure, IP-based solutions substantially reduce costly cabling and overcome flexibility challenges of traditional panel-based access control systems.

Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

IP-based access control eliminates the need to physically re-key doors and offers additional cost-savings with lower equipment costs (no costly control panel or multiple bundles of cabling required), and reduced installation costs (network powered with significantly less cabling and shorter runs).

Scalable Solution

infinias access control solutions grow with your needs and your budget. Intelli-M Access software supports an unlimited number of doors, and the eIDC32 Ethernet-enabled integrated door controller enables you to add additional doors to your network at any time-from a single door, to hundreds.

No Client Servers or Client Software

Run infinias Intelli-M Access browser-based software from any web browser connected to the network (or from your smartphone or tablet), to manage your access control system. infinias eliminates the need for external client server hardware, and the headache of installing client software and managing software updates.

Seamless Integration with Video Surveillance Systems

An infinias IP-based access control solution provides an integrated platform for access control, alarm monitoring and video surveillance-adding another layer of security to your facility. Video integration enables you to visually monitor your facility, as well as individuals entering to prevent "tailgating" and the sharing or theft of credentials.

Cell Phone Access Eliminates the Need for Card Credentials

infinias Mobile Credential provides convenient access control, allowing authorized users to unlock doors from an iPhone or Android phone from anywhere with cellular or wireless connectivity. Mobile Credential provides secure access, simplifies management and removes the need for physical access control cards-saving you time and money on administration costs and card replacement costs.

Features for Financial Institutions

Multi-Tier Management

infinias Intelli-M Access Corporate software provides multi-tier support to enable you to efficiently manage multi-facility, multi-location installations, common in financial service environments.

Convenient Scheduling and Calendar Integration

infinias Intelli-M Access software provides convenient access management of weekly schedules and holidays. Each door controller/door supports up to 254 schedules with a Sunday-Saturday, 24-hour schedule that will repeat each week. Holiday sets allow you to create groups of days that are the exception to a schedule, allowing you to keep doors locked on holidays within a schedule.

Additionally, Intelli-M Access Professional and Corporate software versions offer convenient calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, or Google Calendar.

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