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infinias IP-based Access Control: Installation at the Door

An infinias IP-based access control solution delivers edge-based installation at the door. This eliminates many of the headaches and restrictions associated with traditional, central panel-based access control solutions and offers additional benefits- including simplified installation, reducing overall costs, and much more.

Traditional panel-based access control systems use a central control panel, card reader and controller at every door, which requires a significant investment in costly equipment and wiring, not to mention the labor associated with installation. This cost and complexity can be prohibitive when scaling operations or securing more doors.

infinias edge-based IP access control solutions save you money on equipment, cabling and management costs and provide a scalable, flexible security solution that grows with your business.

Here's a look at how infinias IP-based access control and traditional central-panel based access control solutions compare:

Cabling Costs

Traditional, central panel-based access control solutions require much higher cabling costs than an infinias IP-based access control solution. Panel-based systems require a minimum of 12 cables to support doors, hardware, data connections, power, and other required components.

infinias solves this challenge with the ability to install the infinias eIDC32 door controller at the door-significantly lowering cabling costs, by reducing the number and length of cables required for installation.


Central panel-based access control systems support a limited number of doors. Once that limit is reached, you need to purchase an additional panel to add more doors to the system. infinias IP-based access control solutions provide complete flexibility and scalability.

With an infinias solution, adding a new door to your network is easy. You simply install a new eIDC32 door controller, connected with a single CAT5/CAT6 cable to your nearest network switch, and you're done. With the infinias eIDC32 door controller, you can add a single-door, or thousands of doors to your network as your organization's needs grow.

Battery Back-Up

Central panel-based access control systems also rely on battery backup in the event of a power failure, and rarely offer battery health check monitoring or alerts for when the battery gets low. The infinias eIDC32 door controller offers health-check monitoring and alerts, plus a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) at the switch for battery back-up power.

Hardware Failover Protection

A traditional panel-based access control system provides little if any hardware failover protection. If one door connected to the panel goes down, the whole panel is affected . infinias solves this problem by offering hardware failover protection with the eIDC32 door controller-if one door goes down on your network, the other doors connected to your network are not affected.


Another challenge with panel-based access control systems is the fact that trouble-shooting is difficult and time consuming. These types of systems have more equipment, longer cabling and wire runs and offer limited tools for quickly locating and troubleshooting issues. Often you have to test each component to find the problem, which is both time consuming, resource intensive and expensive.

That's simply not the case with an infinias IP-based access control solution. The eIDC32 door controller requires less equipment, has fewer and shorter cable runs and provides system health-check monitoring and network monitoring tools. Pinpointing a problem is fast and easy, saving you time, resources and money.

Permissions Management

Managing permissions, schedules and other administrative tasks with a panel-based access control system is time consuming, and can require many resources and a significant financial investment. infinias IP-based access control solutions simplify permissions management, providing centralized and remote management of credentials and administrative maintenance via the internet or your smartphone.

More Advantages

This concept of 'installation at the door', unique to IP-based access control, provides numerous and measurable advantages when compared to traditional panel-based solutions, including ease of scalability, simplified management, and most importantly-a significant reduction of overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

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