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7 Common infinias Access Control Myths Debunked

Dealers and customers often have questions about infinias IP-based access control solutions, and there are several myths out there. This article will clear up any confusion and help debunk some of the most common myths.

Myth #1 – The eIDC32 door controller controls a single door only, so you cannot have an infinias access control solution if you have multiple doors you want to secure.

False. infinias IP-based access control solutions are highly-scalable. While you do need one eIDC32 door controller per single door that you would like to secure, our Intelli-M Access Software enables you to add as many doors to your network as you need-from a single door, to thousands.

Myth #2 – Intelli-M Access Software can only handle up to 16 doors.

False. infinias Intelli-M Access Software has the ability to support an unlimited number of doors-any number of doors on your network.

Myth #3 – Intelli-M Access Software is free.

False. infinias Intelli-M Access Essentials Software is not free, but the software is inexpensive and does offer unlimited door licensing, which saves you money.

Myth #4 – There is no demo kit available for dealers to show customers how an infinias access control solution works.

False. infinias offers an all-in-one demo kit that features a surface mount box, proximity reader mounted to the box, Intelli-M eIDC32 door controller, LEDs and buttons wired to the eIDC32 to simulate a working door, plus power connector, prox cards, software and hex key.

Myth #5 – An eIDC32 door controller can power a magnetic lock, but it will stop the door controller from working.

True and false. The eIDC32 features a Form C relay (rated for 5A and 250V) that can be used to control the energized or de-energized state of a mag lock. If the power requirement goes beyond what the eIDC32 door controller is capable of providing, the magnetic lock will not work, but the eIDC32 door controller will not shut down or stop working.

Note: an external power source is needed to fully power the magnetic lock.

Myth #6 – An eIDC32 door controller can control two doors.

False. An infinias Intelli-M eIDC32 door controller can control a single door. The controller does support up to two Wiegand readers and has two open collectors for powering a door strike and switching it to a connected horn or alarm.

Myth #7 – infinias access control solutions are only for small to medium-sized installations.

False. infinias IP-based access control solutions are engineered to handle installations of all sizes-from a single door, to large enterprise multi-site installations with thousands of doors at various locations nationwide and around the world.

It's no myth that we're always here to help you. We hope our debunked myths provide clarity regarding infinias IP-based access control solutions. If you have questions regarding any infinias products, our team of experts is happy to help you. Please contact us today.

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