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Access Control Hardware

infinias Intelli-M access control software supports up to 64,000 doors and includes all the features needed to manage your access control system. The software is designed to simplify configuration, and provide convenient building access control management and administrative maintenance for your security applications. The software supports your access control needs - from single door installations to multi-site installations with thousands of doors. Intelli-M software comes with unlimited door licensing and free lifetime US-based technical support.

infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader

infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader, Door Strike and Sensors

infinias Access Control Demo Kit

infinias eIDC32 Intelli-M Ethernet-enabled Integrated Door Controller

infinias Intelli-M Access 32-Channel NVR with 2TB, 5TB or 8TB HDD

infinias High Density Programmable 32-Input/Output DevIce

infinias Output Device for Elevator Access Control

infinias 128 Door Intelli-M Access Server

infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access Server

Site Survey Kit for Stanley Wireless PoE Gateway

Stanley EL Series Wireless Electronic Door Lock [Bronze Powder Coat]

Stanley EL Series Wireless Electronic Door Lock - Group Keyed [Bronze Powder Coat]

Stanley EL Series Wireless Electronic Door Lock [Brushed Chrome]

Stanley EL Series Wireless Electronic Door Lock -Group Keyed [Brushed Chrome]

Stanley Wireless PoE Gateway with Rubber Antenna

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